Learn Balinese Traditional Keliki Painting from local artists in a unique Culture setting at Balinese home studio. Practice the unique technique of Keliki painting with traditional materials and techniques. Immerse yourself in Balinese culture on a three-hour Keliki painting workshop run by local artists in a traditional Balinese house compound. Learn the unique multi-step techniques of painting and drawing in layers with Chinese ink and acrylic paint. Learn some history and culture surrounding Keliki paintings which often depict rural village life and handy myths. The workshop welcomes participants with all levels of artistic experience and no prior knowledge of painting is needed. Enjoy a Keliki painting workshop using traditional materials Learn the art of traditional Balinese Keliki painting Work with local artists and learn the unique techniques and process of Keliki painting. Enjoy afternoon tea or coffe during your class and get to know local artists.

Price :

  • IDR 450.000 / Person

Duration : 3 Hours